All About Event Management

Many amateurs and enthusiasts think that designing and producing an event is easy, isn’t it? Just find a venue, come up with a good theme, get some food and drink, book a band, and send the invites out on time.

Unfortunately, like many things that seem simple creating a successful event requires a lot of hard work and a diverse range of skills and experiences from project planning to budgets.

This might led you to think:

What is Event Management all about?

Well, if we go by Wikipedia, Event Management is “the application of project management to the creation and development of large scale events. It involves studying the brand, identifying the target audience, devising the event concept, planning the logistics, and coordinating the technical aspects before actually launching the event.”

In simple words, if you break down the two words Events and Management you can also get two concepts and get a better understanding of event management.

Events are any meetings or occasions. Management is the science and art of managing people to implement plans and achieve goals.

Why is Event Management Important?

Proper event planning and management are vital to the success of any event or occasion. Effective event management applies the basics of project management towards the creation & implementation of successful events, meetings, conferences, weddings etc.

The past decade has observed a rise in the growth of the event management sector by leaps and bounds. Today, every organization or individual wishes to give the best party or event experience to its guests. This is where the role of a reliable and professional event management company like TAAMZAAM comes in.

If you wish to organize an unforgettable event, be it a corporate event or some personal events like parties, weddings, etc., you can dream of a perfect event with the help of the best event management company in Surat–TAAMZAAM.

What are the skills needed to become an event manager?

Knowing what types of events could be included is vital for any would-be event planner. However, it’s also essential to realize what’s involved when it comes to designing and producing an event. Whether you’re organizing a friend’s wedding or a multi-national conference, managing and delivering an event efficiently and successfully requires a considerable range of skills.

Non-negotiable skills you need to establish yourself as a successful event manager include:

An eye for detail 

In events, the devil is indeed in the detail and every detail matters! This includes keeping track of all details required to do your own work efficiently, whilst also enabling other people to understand exactly what’s required of them – and when!


Building on the ability to do the right thing at the right time. Organization includes having the capability to organize others, as well as your own tasks and schedules.


Creativity isn’t only important for designing the ‘look and feel’ of every event, but also in coming up with solutions to the inevitable problems.


One minute you may be booking a circus act, the next talking to the CEO of a global company – the event planner role is a minefield of multitasking.


From managing excel spreadsheets and having a clear view of spending to negotiating affordable prices, effective budget management is a skill for success in event management.

Team player 

Working with or managing a team is an essential skill – without successful teamwork, no event can deliver, or be delivered, effectively.

People skills 

With every event relying on a diverse group of people, your ability to inspire, relate to and communicate with anyone (from clients to caterers and crew) is crucial.

What does Event Management involve?

Event management involves end to end event execution, from planning, concepts, finances, marketing, organization, problem solving, time management, creating backup plans, staffing, delivery and post event activities.

As a personal and Corporate Event Management Company, TAAMZAAM caters to:

  • PartiesAwardsLaunchesFirst Night
  • Exhibitions 
  • Sports events 
  • MeetingsRoadshowsConferences and Education 
  • Weddings/Theme Weddings/Destination Weddings
  • Festivals and Concerts 
  • Charity and CSR events 
  • Fashion events 

Which is the best event management company in Surat?

Taamzaam is a prodigious event organizers and wedding planners in Surat dedicated to providing customers with a wide assortment of event management services for all sorts of corporate and social events. Taamzaam believes in delivering to their clients, the SPECTACULAR EVENTS through creativity and uniqueness based on clients’ tastes and preferences. TAAMZAAM conceives, arranges and executes all the arrangements in a manner to help make your dream event turn into reality.